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Hongxing Pulverizer Equipments - Promote China’s Transformation to Nonmetallic Ore Industrial Power

4/2/2012 2:51:00 AM

China has abundant storage of nonmetallic ore. At present, among the explored Nonmetallic Mineral Deposit, the source reserves of crystalline flake graphite, fluorite, bauxite, magnesite, kaoline, wollastonite, bentonite, talc and quartz rank no.1 in the world, and their output and export quantum also rank in the front of the world, and that they are closely related to the chemical industry production. 

However, due to China’s mismanaging of its preponderant nonmetallic ore sources, the nonmetallic ore just content with the low grade raw materials exporting, so, there come the problems of abuse dig without authorization of enterprises and lower export price. Foreign companies buy our country’s high quality nonmetallic ore at very low price, and then they sell them again to us after process the ore to fine chemical engineering product with high technology.

At present, the government official from more than 10 departments, academics and entrepreneur of nonmetallic ore and Downstream Industry have get together to offer suggestions for the development of China’s nonmetallic ore around the theme of new sources, new opportunity and new development. They put forward the Strategic Idea of scale enterprises  reshuffle,elaborate duct process and internationalized technology compete, which will accelerate the transform of Resources powers to the nonmetallic ore industry powers of China.

In order to transform to nonmetallic industry power, enterprises should adopt advanced nonmetallic ore micro powder grinding equipments, and process refinement to the product, depend on new product, new technology and new application to keep up with the international first-rate technology, and make nonmetallic ore sources become the assistant raw materials of domestic basis industry, support materials of national defense, aerospace and new energy industry, and function materials of environmental industry, low carbon economy.

Zhangzhan, executive director of China nonmetallic ore industry association, has promoted a proposal that opportunities belongs to the preparative nonmetallic industry to the industry. Hongxing machinery ,concentrates on the research and development of micro powder grinding equipment for many years, responses to the nation’s development of nonmetallic ore and develops HGM series mill, three ring intermediate speed super fine pulverizer that apply in the grinding of fluorite, bauxite, kaoline and other ores. Those equipments are popular in the market.