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High-Profile Talk by Hongxing - How to Improve the Efficiency of Ball Mill

4/17/2012 12:06:36 AM

The ball mill is mainly used for the cement and mining industry, so also known as the cement mill and dressing mill. The cement mill is frequently used for cement production equipment in cement industry. The output of cement mill will influence the output of the entire cement production line directly. Therefore, how to improve the output of cement mill is a topic which many people concern about. Now the engineer of Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce three methods about improving the output of cement mill.

1. Add a fine crusher in front of the cement mill.

The fine crusher decreases the particle size of materials that will be put into the cement mill, which reduces the load of grinding system.

2. Improve the grinding system of cement mill, improve the grinding efficiency.

Improving the grinding efficiency, the most direct benefit is getting the finished powder maximum in time, reducing the rate of cement products back to the flour yield, decreasing the load of cement mill.

3. Add a high efficiency separator. The small particle size of raw material is, the high grinding efficiency is. If the grinding efficiency is low, not only the output of cement mill, but also the quality of cement will be influenced.

All of the three methods introduced by Hongxing's engineer are effective to improve the output of cement mill. The relationship between the three methods is that crushing before grinding is the premise, choosing powder after grinding is the guarantee, and transformation of cement mill is the fundamental.