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Hammer Crusher - Main Machine in Cement Production Crushing Process

4/24/2012 1:50:47 AM

According to statistics, more than 80% raw materials of cement production line are crushed though hammer crusher in primary crushing and impact crusher as secondary crushing equipment, or merely use hammer crusher as crushing equipment. So hammer crusher plays a very important role in cement production line. At present, 2325 double rotors hammer crusher of hongxing company is the first developed and the biggest hammer crusher, which claimed the title of “aircraft carrier of crusher. Limestone raw material of cement factory has the features of heavy production task, labor Intensive and working for 20 hours every day in the normal condition. However, during the whole working process, hammer crusher act as the main machine, once it occurs problems, it should be stop immediately to check and maintain. These problems will cause huge economic lost, the most serious thing is, once the machine occurs problems, the manufacturer do not provide immediately service, the machine owner will lose more.

In last July, xiangyan Tianrui Company in henan province has bought 2022 hammer crusher, which has used in the 12000 t/d cement production line, however, rotor bearings and hammer axles were broken, the whole production line has to stop. At the same time, the manufacturer of hammer crusher rejected to provide after sale service. The responsible person of Tianrui cement factory regretted to have chosen the crushing equipment manufacturer in Shanghai. At last, Tianrui Company found Hongxing Company, which owns the ability of professional team to maintain rotors. With the repair of two technicians of Hongxing Company, the production line regain to work after 9hours.

So, price is not the only thing you should concern when you choose equipments, the service and quality should also be considerate. With advanced productive technology, Hongxing has many advantages in manufacturing hammer crusher, such as the rotor life of hammer crusher is twice as the common wearable welding rod, the life of hammer head is longer than other hammer crusher.