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Why is it difficult for flotation separator to separate the colour fine material?

5/1/2012 11:36:15 PM

The good or not in flotation machine design is directly related to the level of the effective utilization of mineral resources. Based on the traditional flotation technology, Hongxing mining machinery has developed SF new flotation machine. Impeller of the flotation machine is designed to be a two-blade one with a certain backward angle. In addition to the advantages of a horizontal configuration, the bubble of mine can self-return, self-priming air, etc., it also has the features that low speed impeller, impeller cover wear light, large absorbing capacity. This type of flotation machine can facilitate the process layout, therefore, it is especially suitable for beneficiation plant with complex process, multi degree and wide finished product range. According to expert assessment, the flotation machine has reached the advanced level of same type separator at home and abroad. The model has been widely promoted and exported to foreign countries and regions. 

Why is it difficult for flotation separator to separate the colour fine material?Reasons are as below: 

1. With large surface area, surface energy dramatically increases. On one hand, under certain conditions, different minerals are easily non-selective condensed on the surface. On the other hand, due to the surface energy of fine grain, although the machine has a high adsorption power to stuffs, the selective adsorption is poor, which makes difficulties for selecting fine material.

2. Small fine material is barely possible to collide with bubbles. When collide with bubbles, it is not easy for fine material with light weight to overcome the resistance of hydrated sheath between the mineral particles and air bubbles and to attach on the bubbles. 

Having known the reason, we can suit the remedy according to the actual situation. Henan Hongxing has researched flotation machine for more than 30 years.