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Open Coal Mining

11/26/2011 1:21:21 PM

The trends of modern mining exploration are concentrated mining and intensive management.

First of all, mine production scale expands increasingly. The quantity of worldwide open coal mine shrinking sharply, while the annual output has increased rapidly.

The next one is the highly intensive management. Another important trend of concentrated mining is the concentrated share of coal production and marketing owned by large enterprise group. Among the world's largest 13 enterprise groups of mineral resources, there are 6 enterprise groups who possess tens of billions of dollars, 7 enterprise groups who possess several billion dollars. These large enterprise groups of mineral resources adopt globalized management and comprehensive management of various mineral resources.

Open coal mining the following advantages: large capacity, short construction period, low mining cost, high labor productivity, low coal investment, high resource recovery rate, and good security conditions. All the world's major coal-producing countries make great efforts to develop open coal mining, whose proportion can reach 60% -80%.