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Ore Tube Drier

8/14/2012 11:52:08 PM

The Characteristics and Operation of Industrial Dryer.

Ore tube drier


First, open the door. Make the material after dehydration evenly rotate in rotating-drum and then close and lock the door. 

Second, according to the type of fabric, select the appropriate time and adjust the timing device to the desired time. 

Third, press the start button and start the fan. According to users' needs, the direction of rotation of the drum can be chosen as a one-way rotation or bi-directional rotation. You just need to rotate the computer board switch to the one-way or two-way. The machine will perform one-way operation or two-way operation according to the requirements. (Forward 25 seconds, stop 5 seconds, reverse 25 seconds).

Forth, frequently observe the flip of the internal fabric from the observation window. Promptly cut off the power and check the fault if the accidents are found. 

Fifth, when the machine run to the specified time, the machine will automatically stop running. At this time, the operator should open the door to check the drying situation of the internal fabric drying. If the desire effect is not achieved, you may appropriately extend the time. 

Characteristics of the Industrial Dryer

First, an automatic control device is used. Time can be regulated simply through the control panel. You can automatically complete the entire drying process. 

Second, the rotating drum is made of the high-quality stainless steel. The cylinder is beautiful smooth and durable without scratching fabric phenomenon. 

Third, large access door design is convenient to freely open the door with 180 degrees. It is easier to draw the clothes. 

Forth, the triangular rubber belt drive is used. The operation is smooth, safe and reliable with low noise. 

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