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ore feeding machine

11/1/2012 1:18:17 AM

Ore feeding machine produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly used for continuous and uniform feeding before primary crushing, which can screen the fine materials and improve the crushing efficiency. The ore feeding machine can achieve the continuous and uniform feeding in the gravel production line, which can prevent the materials from blocking the feeding port of the crusher machine and can achieve the coarse crushing for the materials. Mineral feeding machine is widely used in the crushing and screening production line in many industries, such as mining, gravel field, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mineral processing and coal. 

For the ore feeding machine, the connection section is installed in silos mouth. Under the silos mouth, you can install the feed channel. The mining feeding device is installed under the feed channel. The mineral feeding machine is composed of the drive roller, impact idler, rack, turunabout drum, ring belt, lower guard plate and others. In terms of the driving device, the infinitely variable speed reducer drives the drive roller through the chain drive. The drive device and the mining feeding device are installed on the supporting rack and they can be adjusted. On the feed channel, there are sluice gate structure and the driving handwheel, which can achieve the opening and closing of the discharging port in maintenance. 

You should do the following preparations before installing the ore feeding machine.

First, check if the motor signs conform to the requirements. 

Second, use the 500-volt megger to measure the insulation resistance. Its value can achieve the drying process for the stator windings. The drying temperature must not exceed 120 ° C. 

Third, check if the motors are fastened to prevent loosening. 

Forth, check if there is damage and deformation of the surface of the motor. 

Fifth, check whether the rotation is flexible. If the rotation is abnormal, you should exclude the faults timely.