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Notes for Installation and Use for Jaw Plate

11/15/2012 5:19:30 PM

The jaw plates are very important components for the operation of the jaw crusher. The jaw plates of the jaw crusher can be divided into the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate. In the actual installation and use of the jaw crusher, we should pay much attention to the jaw plate.

When we install the jaw plate, we should fix it tightly. After the installation, the contact of the jaw plate with the surface of the crusher machine should be stable. You can put a layer of material with good plasticity between the jaw plate and the surface of the machine. Each batch of the materials for the crusher machine should be sampled for test. If the properties of the materials have great changes, we should timely change the parameters of the crusher machine so that they can match with the materials entering the machine. The jaw plate should be made of the materials with high hardness, wear resistance and strong resist. The cement enterprises who have the mine crushing production line technology can achieve the interchange of the worn jaw plates with the same types between the mine coarse crushing operations and the cement fine crushing operations. The worn jaw plate can be repaired by surfacing method. 

In the operation process of the jaw crusher, you should pay attention to the followings. First, you can feed materials after the normal operation of the crusher machine. Second, the materials to be crushed should be fed into the crushing cavity normally. Side feeding or stack feeding should be avoided to prevent the unilateral overload or withstand overload. Third, under normal circumstances, the temperature rise of the bearing should not be more than 35℃ and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70℃. If the temperature is more than 70℃, you must  immediately shut down the machine. You should find out the reasons to eliminate them. Forth, before stopping the machine, you should first stop feeding. After the crushing materials are completely discharged from the crushing cavity, you can turn off the motor. Fifth, during the crushing process, if the clogging of materials in the crushing cavity causes the stop of the machine, you should immediately turn off and clear the clogging materials in the crushing cavity.