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Methods to reduce sand making machine vibration

11/28/2012 6:29:09 PM

In the process of production, machinery and equipment will occur various problems, these problems tend to affect the efficiency of production, some even lead to unnecessary risk; so we need to pay more attention to the operation and maintenance in production process; and today we take sand making machine as an example to discuss what should we pay attention to reduce the frequency of failure in the production process.

Sand maker inevitably vibrates due to various reasons in the course of working, and long-term vibration will result in the loosening or even falling off of screws and other parts, which is the reason for the regular maintenance of sand making equipment. So how can we reduce sand making machine vibration? Henan Hongxing tells you.

1. Spiral wire rope vibration isolation method. Wire rope as a damping element has varying parameters performance of low frequency damping and high-frequency low stiffness, thus effectively reducing body vibration. Compared with the traditional rubber vibration source, it has advantages of anti-oil, anti-corrosion, anti-temperature, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, and small size, etc., the isolation effect mainly depends on the nonlinear hysteresis characteristics.

2. Hydraulic vibration isolation method. Hydraulic support system is an integral composition of the traditional rubber support and hydraulic damping; in the low frequency range, it can provide a greater damping, rapidly decaying large amplitude vibration to the engine; and high frequency has a low dynamic stiffness, can effectively reduces the vibration and noise in the cab.

3. Rubber isolator method. The traditional engine uses elastic support to reduce vibration; robber vibration isolation device has simple structure, low cost and reliable performance. The rubber support is usually installed in the frame, according to the force it can be divided into compression type, shearing type and compression shear composite type.