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The Significance of Studying Crushing Theory

1/27/2013 10:57:06 PM

The crushing effect is different from the destruction, it  mainly refers to the material has the reasonable and planned role, that is, the size and shape of the crushing material is legitimately designed and planned. There are also many unexpected role in the production process, so the theoretical study of the crushing effect has not been stopped.

The history of crushing theoretical research has been a long time; during the process, many scholars at home and abroad have raised some theoretical results with a very large value for the manufacturing of crushing equipment and sound field. However, due to the development needs of the industrial, not all these theories can be directly applied to the actual crushing mechanical design or determine the crushing operation parameters, but only as a reference factor in the design of the crusher, and these theoretical studies cannot cover all the design of crushing machine. So, we should produce the crushing equipment and be committed to the crushing theoretical work.

At present, domestic and foreign experts commonly put forward the analytical method of crushing mechanism; it is not different from the current theory. These ideas have not been fully proved, but with the social development, these theories will be gradually proved and fully applied in the design and production of the crushing machine. Undeniable is the broken theory research has begun to inject new ideas and vitality. To a certain extent, these analytical methods by trimming the analysis will be gradually adapted to the production of the actual requirements, at the same time proposing a new theoretical basis for crushing theory empirical method resolution.

For the problems of consecutive crushing, when we study it, in addition to studying the residence time distribution analysis in the normal state, you need to study the unloading product size, machine holdup variation rule, crusher occlusion and dynamic characteristics with the crusher feed speed changes. For the study of the crusher operation theory, you need to constantly study and observe, but in the future, with the development of technology, the theoretical study of the broken equipment will be more and more comprehensive.