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The analysis of the special flotation process of Hongxing flotation machine

1/3/2012 6:35:42 PM

Hongxing Company was founded in 1995. After nearly ten years’ development, our company has accumulated a bunch of technology wealth. It can be said without exaggeration that our flotation process is the benchmark in this industry. It is developed by our experts, based on the actual situation of domestic flotation and the results gained by the advanced technology in foreign countries.
During the flotation process, mineral ups and downs almost have nothing to do with the mineral density, such as chalcopyrite and quartz, the former density is 4.2, the latter is 2.68, but the heavy mineral chalcopyrite is easy to float, the quartz sinks to the bottom on the contrary. The research found that the buoyancy of mine is related to its affinity with water. The mine which has great affinity with water is easy to get wet by the water and hard to float, also attached to the bubbles. But the mine which has little affinity with water is difficult to get wet by water and easy to float.
As same with other beneficiation methods, it needs to do well preparation work. The ore should reach suitable concentration and fineness after grinding and classification. In addition, there are several basic operations in the flotation:
First, the adjustment of slurry and the input of flotation agents; the purpose is to make the nature of the mineral surface different, which changes the wet-ability of the mineral surface, adjust the selectivity of the mineral surface, so that some mineral particles can be attached to the gas bubbles, while others cannot be attached to the bubbles.
Second, stir and make a lot of bubbles; by the inflatable and stirring effect of flotation, make a large number of bubbles, or form micro bubbles by separating the air dissolved in pulp.
Third, the mineralization of the bubble; Mineral particles selectively attach to the bubbles, which is the basic behavior in the flotation process.
Flotation is the beneficiation method based on the different of the mineral wet ability. Generally, we call the properties of easy to float and hard to float as the mineral floatability. Flotation separates the mine by using the difference of mineral floatability. In the modern flotation process, the application of flotation agents is especially important, because the flotation agents can change the floatability of mine, and make needed mine selectively attached to the bubbles, so as to achieve the purpose of ore dressing.