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Quality Problem Tests the Development of Crusher Industry

3/30/2013 1:01:14 AM

Recently, the news reports about poison caused quite a stir in society, the Ministry of Health, Food and Drug Administration and other departments took sampling inspection to several famous drug firms, the results were not so good, which made many companies plunge into crisis of confidence.

The melamine event in 2008 blew up quality problem in our country, the following events such as the poisonous rice, illegal cooking oil, poisonous cucumber showed hided quality problem in front of people again and again; since then, the society is filled with nervous air. I wonder, what is happening to our business?

The same quality problem not only happens in the food field which is closely related to people's life, it also performs quietly in the production field. According to a official of a cement plant in Sichuan, in order to raise the productivity of cement, their company purchased a batch of so-called new and efficient crushing equipment last year; the manufacturer blindly advertised in the propaganda that the device adopts the world advanced technology with absolutely reliable quality, but the crusher rotor appeared multiple fractures during the half year, which led to continual decline of the overall productivity of the equipment and serious wear and tear of the wear parts, and these problems brought great influence on cement production .

In fact, equipment problem in mechanical industry has emerged for a long time, more seriously, some equipment production enterprises imitate brand-name products to get profit by selling machines at a low price, which brings great damage to the customers. According to industrial reports, last year, a crusher enterprise in Shanghai took imitation from appearance on Hongxing large single-stage imapct crusher which has domestic first production and the second output in the world, and this small business bought the equipment for production and finally caused personal injury.

After seeing the report, the chairman Yang of Hongxing Machinery said that this business just took simple imitation from appearance, and did not get inner core technology; therefore, improving core competitive ability in crusher production is the key to win over customers, meanwhile, he also reminds the customers to choose big brand enterprise when buying crushers to avoid being cheated.