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Mechanical structure secret of roll crusher and toothed roll crusher

2/1/2012 1:51:20 AM

The machinery manufacturing methods of Hongxing roll crusher and rod-teethed crusher has always been a mystery in machinery manufacturing industry. Hongxing roll crusher has been awarded three national patents. Now, let Hongxing experts share their patent technology with us.

Unique roll crusher structure

First of all, driving system works like this: two motors drive rollers through triangle belt transmission. The two rolls force the ore particles between their rotating surface into the ever smaller gap area, and it fractures from the compressive forces presented by the rotating rolls .

Secondly, the granularity out of the equipment can be adjusted. The particles are drawn into the gap between the rolls by their rotating motion, a wedge block formed between the rolls and the particle, called adjusting device. Adjustment bolts are fixed on the top of wedge block. When bolts pull wedge block up, the wedge block push moving roll away from fixed roll, the gap become bigger, and the discharging granularity become bigger. And vice versa. 

Finally, the transmission part should be installed safety cover by actual requirements for safety.

Toothed roll crusher introduction 

Toothed roll crusher have teeth on the face of the roll, and it is designed with high capacity. The connecting method about motor and speed reducer adopts hydraulic coupler. The equipment is mounted with overloading protective device to ensure operation. The gap width between the rolls can be changed by hydraulic adjustment system. Centralized lubrication system, which can lubricating all parts. Tooth  design optimized. 

The equipment featured with small volume, big reduction ratio(5~8), low noise, high output, high crushing efficiency and convenient maintenance, etc. It is suitable for crushing minerals  in mining industry, metallurgy industry, building industry and so on.

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