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Improvment of Rock Cone Crusher Is a Long-term Task

5/27/2013 5:28:43 PM

With the rapid development of China's economy, the domestic infrastructure construction is also booming and foreign companies are bullish on Chinese market. Therefore, foreign companies gradually settle in China and it forms an intense competition situation in rock cone crusher market.

Manager of Hongxing Machinery told the reporter: “China is transforming from a manufacturing power to a creating power, we must pay high attention to that."
According to the analysis of insiders, before China joining WTO, domestic brands slowed the pace of multinational companies enterring China market relying on price advantage and cheap labor costs. While, after China joining in WTO, the competition between Chinese and foreign companies becomes fiercer and fiercer; only the one who has advanced technology and be in line with state industrial policies of energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection could win in a new round of market competition.
Local brand enterprises, which are weak in research and development, should catch up with multinational companies with the losing of price advantage.
Hongxing Machinery widely absorbs domestic high-tech talents and adopts international first-class means in research and development to enhance the competitiveness of Hongxing rock cone crusher; now it has realized qualitative leap in independent innovation, energy conservancy and consumption reduction. In addition, the improvement of symons cone crusher is a long-term work, which needs the close combination with market.