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How Can Reduce the Maintenance Cost of Raymond Mill?

1/3/2014 3:28:21 PM

Raymond mill adopts electric control and realizes electric automatization management, for this reason, the quality of the electric parts such as disconnector of the electric motor will influences the normal operation and maintenance of the whole set of equipment. For this reason, when choosing electric parts for Raymond grinder, the customers should consider the quality of the products as well as the company strength and product stability.

As is known to all, at present such equipment as Raymond mill does not have single standard, nor does electric part such as disconnector. As for the products produced by different manufacturing companies, the models and specifications of the products will be different. Seen from the current development situation in domestic market, the products manufactured by big, medium and small-sized companies are all upgrading and updating. For this reason, choosing a Raymond grinding mill supplier should consider not only the strength of the company, but whether this company has the ability to ensure long time stability of the product quality and perfect after-sales services. In addition, the products of the manufacturing company should be leading in technology and mature in development, and should have certain market shares in at least ten years.

Raymond mill is a large-sized machine with relatively long changing cycle. As its cost is high, it is normal for the customers to use a machine for a number of years and even decades. In the long time of running process, some damageable parts of Raymond mill need regular maintenance and change, and some small parts like disconnector of the motor may also be damaged. If these parts need maintenance or change, but because the products of the suppliers are unstable in quality which leads to short supply of goods, then the after-sales service of the Raymond mill manufacturing company will be in trouble, it will also cause loss to the Raymond mill customers due to man-hour delay.

When the customers choose Raymond mill supplier, they should take into consideration the short supply of the spare parts to reduce the maintenance cost of Raymond mill as much as possible.