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How Can Improve Decomposition Rate of Rotary Kiln?

1/3/2014 3:31:29 PM

The decomposition rate of rotary kiln shows the decomposition degree of the carbonate in the raw materials to see whether the equipment design of the preheating and decomposition system is rational and whether the technical parameters are suitable. The in-kiln decomposition rate is the main index of measuring the normal operation of the decomposition furnace. High decomposition rate means that the role of the decomposition rate has been fully played, for this reason, it is necessary to properly improve the decomposition rate of the rotary kiln. The following measures can be taken to realize the improvement of in-kiln decomposition rate of rotary kiln.


(1) The volume design of the decomposition furnace should take into consideration the flammability of the fuel and make sure that the materials have sufficient staying time inside the furnace. Influenced by the grade and the fineness of the coal powder, the staying time needed by the raw materials and coal powder should be shorted, so is the space needed for independently burning the coal powder.

(2) The volume design of the decomposition furnace should take into consideration the decomposition speed of the raw materials which is not only related to the property of the limestone, but related to the atmosphere inside the decomposition furnace.

(3) When setting the position and number of the material and coal feeding point, it is necessary to consider to reserve sufficient space for the combustion of the fuel before the raw materials are fed into the furnace. Especially for the anthracite that is not combustible, we should also consider the position and direction of the tertiary air induced to make sure that the coal powders are evenly and sufficiently burnt.