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How Can Mining Machinery Industry Step to Internationalization in New Year?

2/14/2014 12:27:09 AM

In the new year, our country puts forwards further requirement for the industrial development pattern based on the principle of green and environmental protection and independent innovation. For this reason, mining machinery manufacturers have to pay attention to the energy utilization in the production process of mining machinery, try their best to reduce energy consumption and make a proper contribution to our mutual surroundings. While insisting on the green road of green manufacture and independent innovation, how to realize the dream of becoming powerful from large is a question facing mining machinery manufacturing industry.

In recent years, low carbon and green have become the main tendencies of world development and people from all walks of life also see green and low carbon as their living attitude. The green wind in the mining equipment industry will drive the scientific and technical innovation of the whole industry to step into a brand new field and to an unprecedented height. At present, some countries in the world are building their green fortress with environmental protection, and green manufacture has obviously become a trend conforming to the development tendency of modern economy.

As a matter of fact, the development momentum of mining machinery industry in China is very strong, but the outstanding problem is that the manufacturers always follow the traditional method in technology and strategy, and never seek to fundamentally change the development ideal. In addition, in the present mining machinery industry, especially mining ore beneficiation and crushing and screening industry, there are few companies that can provide whole set of products and services for customers. The momentum of domestic manufacturers has been compressed in the competition of international market, so that we need to greatly strengthen ourselves in market internationalization, technical internationalization and investment internationalization to make full use of the domestic and foreign industrial resources that can be used and seek cooperation and win-win situation with wider international view and flexible operation methods to actively promote and carry out the innovative technology upgrading.

The technical level of present mining machinery is in the stage of using production to promote ore beneficiation and crushing and screening equipment, so will be the development in the coming twenty years. For this reason, we should gradually transform to processing unit and high-end equipment manufacturing system on the basis of further improving precision, efficiency and automation, intelligentization and network.