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How to Prolong Service Life of Impact Crusher

7/10/2012 6:45:31 PM

In the entire system of sand production line, the impact crusher is the third process. After the material is crushed by the jaw crusher, it is crushed by the impact crusher again. Then the material is crushed into the particles of 20 ~ 60mm particles that meet the customers' needs. The impact crusher is a kind of crushing machinery which uses the impact energy. In order to prolong the service life of the impact crusher and ensure that the crusher can continuously run in the production line in the sand, the users should carry out regular maintenance and upkeep for the impact crusher. After the new machine is put into operation, the impact crusher should be comprehensively checked when each shift of work is over.

Customers should have a comprehensive check for the motor and lubrication of the impact crusher after it has run for one week. The contents for checking include fastening situation of the fixed parts, bearing seals, counterattack liner and the abrasion situation of the liners. The users should also establish a regular maintenance and replacement system according to the maintenance cycle. The users should pay attention to the adjustment of the gap between the rotor and the impact liner of the impact crusher. When the rotor of the impact crusher is running, the gap between the rotor and the impact liner can not be adjusted. If the material in blocks strand between the back plate and the plate and shell, you had better lift slightly re-adjust the impact rack between the gap. In this way, the material will become loose, and it is easy to adjust the impact rack. If the impact rack is not enough, you can relax the lever on the tap. 

How to replace the wearing parts of the impact crusher? When you replace the wearing parts of the impact crusher, you should first open shelves. When you begin to use the machine, you should first remove the coupling bolts of the rear rack and the cabinet, and then use the wrench to wrest to the hex head portion of the clamshell device, and then the shelves slowly open. In the meantime, you can use the rack above to hang the rear rack. Repeat the above process and the close the shelves. When the hammer of the impact crusher wears to a certain extent, you should timely adjust or replace it in order to avoid the damage of fasteners and other parts. 

The above methods for prolonging the service life of the impact crusher are provided by the experts in Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery. Hongxing tries to provide you with the best service.