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new concept for sand maker --green & environmental, rational utilized

2/13/2012 7:10:09 PM

How much do you know the word new concept? During human cognition progress, they abstract the common characteristics of the things they feel, then the concept formed. However, new concept is a new kind of thinking and logic. Now people called new methods or new thought as new concept. So, today, we will talk about the new concept of sand maker.

Sand maker uses the high speed sportive material of mutual crush and fiction between materials. It especially suitable for the coarse crush and fine crusher of the ultrahard, medium hard material and Abrasive materials.

They are two types of feeding methods of sand maker. The first is overflow feeding type, which feeding granularity of impeller is the same. In this condition, the material quantity that feeding to the impeller archive the oeprationatfullload( that is the motor power  maximize) when feeding more material, the material will overflow into the outboard of whirling motion chamber impeller. The second is cascade feeding type. When the second feeding granularity is greater than the impeller feeding granularity, the material should be feed in two feeding end. The sand maker of our company was developed on the base of this working principle.