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Mobile crushing station came to the period of bottleneck because of the big investment

3/9/2012 2:29:07 AM

The offering of mobile crushing station eliminates tedious pieces of steel structure, the construction of the foundation and save a lot of time. Mobile crushing station can be directly selected, directly to the site, without the need of transporting, and directly to the finished product size.

Construction waste mobile crusher station, with the stable product and high efficiency, is the new environmental protection crusher all over the world, and it has become the backbone of mining machinery products, and it has far-reaching significance for promoting our country mining machinery industry to the international development. “Our company is mainly famous for the good technique, all of the customer who use our product know our equipment is better than any other manufacturer of equipment because of our production is prolonged, more stable, more efficient and more energy-saving, more environmental protection. Our new products - - Mobile crushing station, is consulted through the phone by a lot of new and old customers after it was carried on the market, now our sales order has been arranged to the second half year of 2012. Our enterprise’s innovation and development is inseparable from the needs of customers, and the mobile crushing station comply with the development of The Times and society.” faced with the interview, the director Wang of HONGXING machinery sales system said.

In 2008, domestic Zhengzhou HONGXING machinery Co., LTD. Takes the lead in developing the Construction waste mobile crusher station, which become the rookie and focus of the broken machinery industry. At present, the Mobile crushing station has been widely used in the field of moving the material such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity, especially for the Liquidity stone's homework such as highway, railway, water and electricity engineering, construction waste treatment, users can employ various of configuration forms according to processing kinds and size of raw material, different requirements of the finished product material. The advanced technology structure and convenient working mode is the important power for mobile crushing station of HONGXING machinery to occupy the market.  

The reporter knows that since 2000, Zhengzhou HONGXING machinery  Co., ltd., the enterprise connect the development of enterprise and development of society and the demand of market, keep pace of the times, practice skills, held steady development under this "great leap forward" times in the market economy entity. HONGXING machinery company aims to increase production, stabilize quality, further optimize the structure of crusher, the sand machine, mobile crushing station and Construction waste mobile crusher station. Sale director of HONGXING machinery company recalled that technical personnel take measures from strengthening work patterns of the production workshop, standardizing the process and configuration of the production line, eliminating the fluctuation of workshop processing to promote the security, stability, long cycle, full load operation of production line. The output and quality level of product is rising, the technology of production is further improved. Market share of the crusher, the sand maker, mobile crushing station and construction waste disposal equipment with the brand of HONGXING machinery are gradually expanding, and become the new benefit growth point of our country mining machinery industry.  

"The quality index of the mobile crushing station and construction waste disposal equipment with the brand of our HONGXING machinery has caught up with the international advanced level." The main director Wang said.

The mobile crushing station sets the process of feeding, breaking, conveying as one, it has the performance of excellent rock broken, aggregate production, broken work of open mining through the optimization of the working process, can form a powerful broken exercise automation line and finish various demand of processing work from different types of jointing, It has advanced design, good performance, high production efficiency, convenient maintenance, economic operation, stable and reliable work, compared with stone production line, it just like a small or medium-sized movable broken processing factory, whose working efficiency and operating costs are better than the same level or higher level stone production line.