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Sand maker becomes the mainstream of sand making equipment

3/14/2012 10:19:52 PM

Hongxing sand maker is the important equipment of sand making production line, during the sand making process, sand maker plays an important role, which especially for the sand of building and road. At present sand maker has took the place of hammer crusher, roll crusher, rod mill and other traditional sand making equipment, it has become the mainstream sand making equipment.

Characteristics of hongxing sand maker:

1. Druing the production process, stone can form the protection bottom, which guarantees the no wear of machine body and long service life.

2. A few of wearable parts adopt ultrahard wear-resisting materials, which has the features of small volume, light weight , and convenient to replacement.

3. Able to reshaping, cubic shape, large bulk density.

4. Small volume, easy to maintain, installation and repair

5. Impact sand maker has the advantages of simple compact structure, high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, and good adaptation of materials. It can process the materials which moisture content is about 8%.

Working process of sand maker in the sand making production line:

HX sand maker performs well in the crushing and reshaping of soft, medium and hard materials. Its working process is: materials are fed to sand maker, classified to two parts by distributor. One part of the materials fall into high speed rotating impellers, and be speed up in impeller, it accelerated speed can achieve Hundreds of times compare with acceleration of gravity, then be thrown out from impeller to the three Uniform flow channel with 60-70m/s speed, it firstly be impact crushed with the material fall from the distributor then impact to the material linear in the chamber, rebound by material linear, impact to the vortex move chamber, change its move direction, move down with deflection, and form the material fall with the material form impeller. These materials bear two or more times of crushing, grinding in the vortex move chamber. The crushed materials discharge from the low discharging end, and form the closed circuit with circular screening system. Usually this circular system takes three times then the crushed material can be crushed under 20 meshes. In the whole crushing process, materials impact crushing by themselves, and do not directly contact with metal part, but impact, wear and grind with material linear, which reduce the angle pollution and prolong the wearable time.