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Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Condition: New

Color: As required

Brand Name: Hongxing

Certification: ISO9001:2008

Installation: Based on engineer guide


 Industrial Dust Collectors and Dust Collection Systems

Our goal is to provide you with the dust collector system that is specific to your exact needs. Because we make all our dust collectors and scrubbers in our own workshop, we are flexible enough to supply you the best air pollution control equipment for you.

For over many years, we have supplied baghouse dust collectors which have been used in many applications and industries for over 100 years. In fact, we actually hold the very first patent ever issued for cloth type collectors.

Scientific Dust Collectors manufacturers a full line of baghouse, cartridge, and cyclone style dust collectors. We are able to provide you with standard catalog selections as well as highly customized units to exactly match your unique needs, because we perform all fabrication in-house. We also guarantee filter life, performance, and efficiency!

We hope you find this website useful in exploring our equipment and abilities. We are committed to providing you with high quality product that meets your individual requirements and solves your dust problems.

Parameters type

Model filtering area
fan model The fan motor Number of filter bag Model of matched german mill note
DMC24 18 1080~2160 4-72-3.2A Y90L-2-1.5kw 24     
DMC36 27 1620~3240 4-72-3.6A Y100L-2-3kw 36   HGM88 HGM95  
DMC48 36 2160~4320 4-68-4A Y112M-2-4kw 48   HGM100  
DMC64 48 2880~5760 4-68-4A Y112M-2-4kw 64   HGM130 HGM120  
DMC80 60 3600~7200 4-72-4A Y132S1-2-5.5kw  80    
DMC96 72 4320~8640 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  96  HGM160 HGM175  
DMC112 84 5040~10800 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  112  HGM190  
DMC128 96 5760~11520 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  128    按处理风量选型。含尘量
8640~14400 4-72-5A Y160M2-2-15kw  128  
DMC150 112.5 6750~13500 4-72-5A Y160M2-2-15kw  150  
10000~20000 4-68-6.3C Y180M-2-22kw  150  
DMC180 135 12000~24000 4-72-8C Y200L-2-30kw  180   按多个收尘点且位置现
DMC220 165 15000~34000 4-72-8C Y200L-2-37kw  220  
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