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Rotary Rod Mill

Rotary Rod Mill

Input size: Less than 25mm

Discharging size: 0.16-5mm

Grinding material: Steel rod, manganese steel,etc.

Application: Brittle material, cement, steel shot, copper ore, etc.


With the development and advancement of technology, more and more rod grinding mills are widely used in the industrial fields. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. produces a variety of rod mills, and the rotary rod mill is its flagship product.

The rotary part of the rotary rod mill is a barrel which is welded by the steel plate. Both ends are respectively connected with the feeding hollow shaft and the discharging hollow shaft, and they are horizontally supported on the two main bearings. Spirals are installed in the feeding hollow shaft and the discharging hollow shaft. Through the big gear ring which is fixed on one end of the barrel, the small gear drives the rotation of the rotary part through the reducer and the motor.

ball mill

 A liner is installed in the barrel, which can be used to protect the barrel and take the steel rod to an appropriate height so that improve the efficiency of sand making. In order to prevent gray leakage and the water leakage from the liner bolt hole, you should tightly wrap two rings to ensure the seal. 

Rotary Rod Mill

When you install the rotary part of the rotary rod mill, you should pay attention to the following points. First, before assembling the cylinder and the hollow shaft, you should check the barrel. The ovality tolerance should not be greater than 5 mm. Second, having been assembled the main bearing and the anchor bolts, you can install the barrel on the main bearing. Third, after the cylinder being put on the main bearings, you should check the elevation at both ends. In terms of the generatrix measurement of the hollow shaft, the relative elevation difference should not be greater than 1 mm.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has many years' production experience and it is committed to producing high-quality wearable special rod mill. After many years' research and development, the experts in Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery not only learn and absorb foreign advanced technology, but also actively create products and vigorously develop domestic rod mill, and finally develop a new type of rotary rod mill. The rotary rod mill has made great contribution to the development of the domestic rotary rod mill.

Parameters type

Shell Specifications (mm)
Shell rotation speed
Feeding size
Discharging size
Processing capacity
Total weight
Diameter Length
MBS0918 900 1800 36-38 ≤25 0.833-0.147 0.62-3.2 18.5 5.9
MBS0924 900 2400 36 ≤25 0.833-0.147 0.81-4.3 22 6.7
MBS1224 1200 2400 36 ≤25 0.833-0.147 1.1-4.9 30 13.9
MBS1530 1500 3000 29.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 2.4-7.5 75 19.8
MBS1830 1830 3000 25.4 ≤25 0.833-0.147 4.8-11.6 130 34.9
MBS2130 2100 3000 23.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 14-35 155 46.5
MBS2136 2100 3600 23.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 19-43 180 48.7
MBS2430 2400 3000 21 ≤50 0.833-0.147 25-65 245 59.7
MBS2736 2700 3600 20.7 ≤50 0.833-0.147 32-86 380 92.5
MBS2740 2700 4000 20.7 ≤50 0.833-0.147 32-92 400 95
MBS3245 3200 4500 18 ≤50 0.833-0.147 64-180 630 149
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