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Indirect Heat Drier

Indirect Heat Drier

Input Moisture: 5-75%
Ouput Moisture: 1-15%
Gear Material: Cast steel
Discharging way: Downstream
Drum Material: Heat-resisting steel sheet
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The indirect heat dryer is a kind of drying equipment which can deal with a lot of materials that need to be dried. Due to the reliable operation, flexible operation, strong adaptability and high processing power, the indirect heat dryer is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, light industry and the municipal departments. The indirect heat dryer can also be used for drying grain. 

The indirect heat dryer produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery can be used to dry the massive, granular and powder materials, and it complies with the national policy of creating environment-friendly and resource-saving society.

The indirect heat dryer can further improve the efficiency and reduce energy consumption to optimize the drying performance and improve the quality of the products.

According to the working principle, the cylinder of indirect heat dryer is installed with the lifter, and the stock guide is with different angles and intervals. This structure can ensure that the materials drive move along with the movement direction of the spiral under the action of the gravity. It can maintain sufficient residence time and sufficient degree of dispersion so that the materials in the barrel can have sufficient heat exchange with the hot gas stream from the combustion chamber.

The indirect heat dryer uses the computer control, so it is easier to achieve the automation control than other types of dryers. According to the drying requirements, the users can configure different drying temperature and drying time.

In addition, the indirect heat dryer also has the advantages of compact structure, high drying efficiency, less energy consumption and convenient operation.

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