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Magnetic manufactures make you know more about high strength magnetic separator

3/27/2012 1:04:44 AM

The magnetic separator is one of commonly used preparation equipments in magnetic separation factory. It has dry and wet two types. According to types of magnets, it can be divided into permanent magnet type and electromagnet type. It is also can be divided into strong magnet type, middle magnet type and weak magnet type according to the magnetic field strength. Different magnetic separators have different characteristics and performance.

The magnetic separator performance characteristics: 

Magnetic separation equipment 

According to the body appearance magnetic separator is divided into belt type magnetic separator, cylindrical magnetic separator, roll type magnetic separator, disc type magnetic separator, ring type magnetic separator, cage type magnetic separator and pulley type magnetic separator. 

Weak magnetic separator: the pole surface magnetic field strength H0=72—136 KA/m, strength HgradH = (2.5—5.0)1011 Ann 2/ m 3; 

Middle magnetic separator: the pole surface magnetic field strength H0=160—480 KA/m; 

Strong magnetic separator: the pole surface magnetic field strength H0=480—1600 KA/m, strength HgradH = (1.5—6.0) 1013 Ann 2/ m 3; 

Magnetic separator features: 

The magnet system is adopted from high quality ferrite magnetic material and rare earth permanent magnet, the magnet intensity on the shell surface is 100-600 mT. According to customers’ requirement, we can provide current type, semi-current type and converse current type. Advantages of this magnetic separator are: simple structure, high processing capacity, easy to operate and easy to maintain. 

Working principle of magnetic separator: 

The pulp enters into the tank by the ore box. Under the action of sprinkler pipe, the loose mineral particles pass into the feeding area. The magnetic mineral particles form “magnetic group” or “magnetic chain” under the influence of magnetic field. The “magnetic group” or “magnetic chain” move to the magnetic pole in the pulp and be adsorbed on the cylinder. For the polarity of magnetic separator alternately arranged along the direction of cylinder rotation and fixed at work, the gangue and other non-magnetic minerals mixed in the magnetic group and chain will spilt away in the rotation of cylinder. At last the magnetic group or magnetic chain which is sucked in the surface of cylinder is the concentrate. The concentrate will be discharged in the concentrate trough by the rinse water from unloading pipe when the concentrate moves to the weakest magnet place following the rotation of cylinder. If there is magnetic roller, it needs brush roll to unload the ore. The non-magnetic or weakly minerals are left in the pulp and discharged with pulp, which form the tailings. 

Magnetic manufactures make you know more about high strength magnetic separator

Advantages of high strength magnetic separator: high strength magnet in the surface of cylinder, big magnetic wrap angle, stable magnetic strength and reliable driveline; it can significantly improve the ore grade. 

High strength magnetic separator can be dedicated to refining limonite and hematite. Hongxing high strength magnetic separator can be used for separation low grade and weak magnetic limonite and hematite, and improve the grade of 3-7% at once; it solves perfectly the problem that low-grade limonite, hematite cannot be smelting and is difficult to sell. It can also produce considerable economic benefits, and is one investment little, getting effective fast project. 

The usage history of magnetic separator: 

Since the 19th century, the magnetic separation process has been used for beneficiation. In the 1970s, the more economic magnetic separator was discovered. In addition, iron ore magnetic separation is used in many mineral processing. 

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