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Fine sand recovery device lets sand production line more environmental protection mechanism

3/28/2012 7:18:05 PM

XingYang Jia Gu town with a long history of sand production is the royal quarry since ancient times. In recent years, with the height of foundamental construction development, there the local artificial sand making industry rised up. Local people's standard of living has been improved depending on the high profits of sand production, but the living environment has been greatly discount. 

On the way to the JiaGu town, we can see bumper-to-bumper of stones and sand come and go. The sand used in infrastructure nearby are from here and sand factories very prosperous. However, although here is a mountain area, wo can't feel the beauty of pure water and fresh air but the noise of the machine and the dust waft over the air. 

In a sand factory production site, operating workers wore masks, thick layer of dust falling on his clothes. In a long time at such environment, this does harm to people respiratory organs seriously. The nearby villagers reflected that the environment round here is also serious polluted. 

To find out its cause, in order to save investment in equipment, quarries bring in artificial sand making plant without dust removal device yet there is no fine sand recovery device. It results in the air pollution, but can this situation increase through improving equipment or policies? 

Foreign enterprise made use of fine sand recovery devices to solve this problem for long time. At present, this equipment has application to some extent at home. Moverover, relevant experts pointed out that, taking advantage of fine sand recovery device brings much beneficiry to realizing energy saving and environmental protection for the quarries. 

"In fact, fine sand loss is not only losses production, but also seriously affect sand gradation. That causes the unreasonable gradation, fineness modulus partial thick, and greatly reduce the product quality. At the same time, too much sand losing can cause environmental pollution." YangGong, the principal of sand maker project in Zhengzhou Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd explained. 

As a matter of fact, the government is well expressly stipulated the sand making production line installation must have dust removal equipment and noise reduction device. But implementation is actually unsatisfactory, that situation still needs the government increased supervision and quarries themselves to strengthen environmental protection consciousness.