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Hongxing high power crusher becomes mainstream in the market

3/30/2012 10:36:30 PM

The earliest introduced crusher in China was the crusher with 4000 horsepower manufactured by American Neuville Company; it adopted the semi-wet system and put into production since 1996. From the present situation, its production capacity is 100t/h, it always in the state of stopping to wait for materials, so it has a higher vacancy rate with great One-time invest capital. However, based on the customer demands, the real begin of introducing core technology of crusher was from the hubei lidi machine tool limited liability company. At the very start, the company was serious in market research, they analyses the market situation at home and aboard, looks for the machine type that suitable for our national conditions as well as economic and satisfy the market demands.

Before the good expected results of the crusher project technology and economic analysis, we combine with the high voltage power electric motor manufacturer with strength power and aptitude for technology research, and have successfully manufactured high voltage power main electric motor and its High pressure control electric system. At the same time, we have ally powerful manufacturers of vibrating transmission equipment and magnetic separation equipment to manufacture the vibrating transmit equipments and magnetic equipment assembled with the crusher.

In particular, hubei lidi machine tool limited liability company developed heavy track steel scrap feeding conveyor depends its own research and technology power and the product advantages of hydraulic pressure technology; it has developed the computer monitoring and control system and hydraulic power system of production line, and combined the first integrated steel scrap crushing production line with high engineering level in domestic. The most pleasing thing is, as the improvement of China’s metallurgy technology and production capacity, the high strength wearable hammer and liner used in crusher were successful developed in domestic. After used in the same machine with the hammer and liner produced in American, we found their using effects can be compared with those from America, thus it solves the problems of spare part source. In the meantime, the whole steel scrap crushing production line technology and localization decrease the costs and one-time invest of customer , which will make the popularization of steel scrap crushing production line become possible.


At present, Henan hongxing mining machinery Co.Ltd is a relatively strong and specializes in the R&D, sale and export of crusher manufacturer. Henan hongxing has provide thousands sets of equipments and schemes for mining industry, building industry, Transportation field, heat-engine plant and hydropower station; with its high efficiency, high reliability and good comprehensive benefit, the company is deeply welcome by customers.  Our company has successfully designed and manufactured hongxing brand crusher, pulverizer and sand maker as well as production lines of crushing, grinding and sand making, which will meet the demands of different customers used in the industries of metallurgy, miming and chemical industry.