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Noted Issue of Jaw Crusher in the Course of Work

4/10/2012 10:21:30 PM

Jaw crusher is widely used almost everywhere in the field of highway construction, high-speed railway construction, mining, water conservancy and hydropower infrastructure construction, etc. However, technical workers of different industries have different background knowledge, so not every jaw crusher operator can skillfully operate the jaw crusher. On a jaw crusher promotion conference, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. technical workers tell the following operating recommendations to everyone present.

Firstly, before using a jaw crusher, the operator must check if there is foreign body in the crushing chamber. If there is, it must be timely cleaned out before starting the machine, otherwise, the too large startup load would damage the machine.  Secondly, the jaw crusher is afraid of uneven feeding the most, especially when the feedstock suddenly increases, the consequently too large load will burn out the motor. Even if not that serious, the long-term high-load operation will increase the wear and tear of the machine and reduce its service life.

Thirdly, when the operator needs to stop production, they must first stop feeding and then stop the operating jaw crusher. If the jaw crusher is stopped first, a large amount of unprocessed ore materials will stay in the machine, which will damage the parts and cause too large load for the machine’ next starting up. 

Fourthly, operators should timely check if there is abnormal ring or other unusual circumstances in jaw crusher operation. If there is, they must timely find the problem and repair the machine. Do not let the machine work with sickness.