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Detailed introduction of the core part of Hongxing slime dryer machine

4/12/2012 10:04:58 PM

Today we Hongxing Mining Machinery specially invited our professional experts who has many years experience in mining machinery industry to answer some hot questions on the core part of slime dryer impeller. First, what is impeller? The impeller can be said as the core parts of the dryer, which is equivalent to the human heart. Now let us discuss the impeller characteristics and its working principle in order to operate the machine correctly and avoid unnecessary risk operations for the masses of users.

The impeller is an important part of the dryer machine, and also is the most vulnerable part. Because the materials is distributed in the impeller, it is very easy to make the wear for the improper operation. So we should operate the machine with extra care to avoid the accidents and reduce unnecessary economic losses.

The impeller is installed on the top axis of the spindle assembly, and transferred the torque with tapered set and key bolt. In high-speed rotation, the materials are put into the center of impeller from the center feeding tube which is above the impeller. Hongxing dryer with cone device in the center of impeller can evenly distribute the materials to each channel. It also has special material wear block which can be replaced easily in each exit of channel. After the materials are in a certain speed, the impeller will threw them which will impact the lining layer in the crushing cavity.

After our introduction, our customers will not have big problems and troubles in the operation and maintenance of dryer machine. It will also increase the relative safety factor of dryer, save the cost and guarantee the safety production.

If you have any questions, you can come to our factory for technical staff on-site to answer, or visit our professional dryer site and consult the service staff. We will certainly make our efforts to achieve your satisfaction.