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Science and technology innovation, first-class talents - Human resources Part

5/9/2012 11:09:50 PM

Technology is changing lives, while development is determined by talents.

    Hongxing Company has a capable team of more than 960 employees,   including a management team of 120 with junior and senior professional titles and engineering technicians. The company replies on the scientific management method, with targeted training and professional exchange, and all-round quality improvement for employees to keep the enterprise a steadily forward development. 

   We firmly believe that the top-ranking talents are a requirement for first class products which in return created by an innovative group. We have our own research and development centers, sand machine institute, grinding machine institute, and beneficiation equipment institute etc, which lays a solid foundation to possess an international golden quality.

One station service, free of hassle—Service Part

    Selection comes from trust which is the witness of selection.

    Hongxing people hold a tenet to make specialty classic, we have made a full range of measures to offer clients best service. It goes as follow: enthusiasm before sale, we guarantee to offer pre-planning and process designs; servant in sale, professionals will be sent to construction site for installation instruction, debugging and training until the acceptance check of machines; faithfulness after sale, by the tracking service, we promise that all the sold machines are sure to enjoy a perfect after-sale service. 

Win-win future together---Vision Part

May take gale, break the waves!

Hongxing Company sticks to the tenet honesty first, quality foremost, striving to be top one mining machinery in China.

We, Hongxing Company, are booming to continue the past glories for a more brilliant future. And now, with steady progress and carrying clients’ dreams, we are ranking among the giants. Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., LTD helps clients to realize their dreams completely.