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Small construction machinery in China will have a vast developing space in the future

5/10/2012 3:27:29 AM

With the continuous improvement of infrastructure construction, China construction mode is gradually from “scrapping” to “revising”, the small construction machinery and equipments such as jaw crusher, cement mill have a very bright future. Coupled with the gradual deepening of China’s new rural construction, the small equipments will be more widely used in the rural and small towns’ construction. At the same time, the construction volume of garden, green farmland gradually increase along with the speed up of environmental protection and ecological construction. The small construction machinery must have a vast developing space.

Practicality has become increasingly prominent 

Although the small construction machinery has a bright market prospect, the construction machinery industry has gone into the unprecedented frozen period since the start of this year for the restriction of commercial houses and the slowdown of railway construction. The sale has a substantial decline over the same period last year, the construction volume reduced significantly. Part of the construction machinery even got market saturation because of the construction volume reduce and the second-hand products in the short term. However, our country is strongly encouraged to water conservancy construction and urban and rural infrastructure construction. These policies drive the development of small construction machinery which saves a lot of machinery enterprise. Looking at the whole field of construction machinery industry, the small construction machinery has outstanding advantages and becomes the “real goods” for the enterprise and end-users.