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A Few Notes in Using Cone Crusher

5/14/2012 12:48:49 AM

The cone crusher is common crushing equipment widely used in industrial production, which is mainly used in mining, smelting, building material, high, railway, water conservancy and the chemical industry sector. The cone crusher in our country develops slowly and the efficiency of the cone crusher is very low. In order to improve the the efficiency of the crusher and achieve energy saving in crushing field, it is necessary to have a deep study on cone crusher.

There are lots of factors to influence the performance of the cone crusher, including the structure of the cone crusher, the operational factors and so on. These factors have different impact on the performance of the cone crusher, such as the efficiency of the cone crusher, the particle size of the products and the energy consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a multi-objectives optimization model to optimize the performance of the cone crusher. 

The operator must observe and note the followings to ensure the good performance of the cone crusher. 

First, the feeding ore must be uniform and the sizes of the products must meet the requirements. 

Second, pay attention to the ore discharge and the operating condition of the transport belt to avoid the clogging accident. 

Third, regularly check the pumps, coolers, filters, the amount and temperature of the fuel. The fuel return temperature should be less than 60℃. 

Forth, check the drainage. Do not operate the machine without water. 

Fifth, pay attention to the oil pressure of the locking cylinder. The adjustment ring only can be operated in locking status. 

Sixth, regularly check the wear of the liner. In particular, pay attention to the retaining bolt of the liner.

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