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Sand Washer Industry Should Establish Strict Standard

5/12/2012 3:32:33 AM

The sand washer is an artificial sand washing equipment. It can remove the impurities covered on the surface of sand and gravel, at the same time destroy the vapor layer of the coated sand, in order to efficiently clean and wash the sand. Sand washer is used for desliming or mineral separations in building site and sand factory, etc. where artificial sand is in extensive usage. It has advantages of reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large capacity, small power consumption and high cleanliness.

With the progress of society, sand washer quickly expands its scope of application and booms its development market. However, the too quick development causes some quality problems to the sand washer industry, which has brought consumers a lot of damage. Therefore the requirements of the market to sand washer industry are becoming increasingly strict. However, due to the sand washer industry not having a uniform standard, the various manufacturers just judge based on their experience, so the quality of sand washer is still uneven.

Sand washer industry does not have enough high threshold, so the enterprises without perfect system can enter the industry easily. Sand washing products from these enterprises are very possibly lack of standard quality. What is worse, some customers do not understand the product thoroughly, let alone understanding the standard of crusher industry. Sand washer industry lacks uniform standard and to establish a molding standard is still a long way to go. The leading enterprises of the industry are in duty bound to lead other enterprises to walk on the right way. Moreover, special standard audit institutions should be set up. 

The problems occurred in the market of sand washer tell us that sand washer industry can not without a uniform standard. Who owns the standard, he will own the market! Who is the first one to participate the standard, he will be the first one to control the future! With the deepening of economic globalization, standard highlights an increasingly important role in the global market competition. Sand washer enterprises should timely know and master the regulations and standards; the personnel who design the product and manage quality should be familiar with the standards; when develop and design products, they should not only consider the shape and function of the product, but also consider the customer's actual situation and focus on the safety performance. Only when the products meet the inspection standards, can they have a market value. 

From the above analysis, we know that under intense domestic and international competition, sand washer industry should establish its own standards as quickly as it can, so as to ensure its orderly and healthy development. Otherwise, no standard, no survival.