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Crusher industry seek business in innovation sea

5/18/2012 5:42:13 PM

This year, as cement market and steel industry is in a blank, the jaw crusher machinery plant has been caught into "deep water". All of the enterprises have been hurt deeply. But on the contrary, the stone crusher with high performance and novel type, whose market share is on increasing trend. It shows that new model stone crusher will doubtlessly become the market theme.

Russian real estate prices keeps rising, under the influence of which the approaching of continuous investment stimulates the construction boom. That brought tremendous business opportunities to the Russian cement mill and stone crusher market. At the same time, depreciation rate of Russia's construction and gravel crusher machinery has reached 45% to 75%. Local enterprises are difficult to finance, which leads to the backward technology and management. Thus they are unable to meet the market demand for sruching machine equipment. At present, 50% of equipments in use are come from imports, accounting for 30% of the total imports of machinery and equipment in the country. Gravel crusher machinery products in China matures, many well-known brand at a higher competitive price has won widely recognization in Russia. The Red Star Mining machinery company already have been in close cooperation with Russian industry for several years. 

As the first one to recognize that innovation can bring development and also put it into practise for new machine, Zhengzhou Red Star Co., Ltd is recognized as an innovation example. For over ten years,  the company has been devoted to R & D. And the products limestone hammer crusher, impact crusher, crusher hammer and sand making production line have obtained national patent. Recently, Zhengzhou Red Star crusher earned great popularity worldwide and exported to over 50 countries and regions as Russia, France, the United Kingdom. 

In recent years, some enterprises in China has repeatedly referred to the innovation, but the effect is not obvious, how to innovate on earth? Experts pointed out that the technology and product realize innovation by bringing in the world advanced technology and production methods to create different product. By locating a clear technology research system, product target and market growth point, the final end-markets competitiveness will be mastered firmly in their own hands, and thus enhance the market share.

What market winter brought to the crusher industry is not just to slow down economic growth to find a new direction, but more importantly, is to increase brand awareness, thereby increasing competitiveness in the market and enhancing the ability to fight against external crises.