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Talents Promote Crusher Sustainable Innovation

5/20/2012 5:55:42 PM

Talent is the creator of advanced social productive forces and advanced culture, the advanced forces of social change and development and progress, and the backbone of a country's political, economic and social development. The prosperity of a country as small as the smooth development of an enterprise, are both inseparable from the talents. Talent is the core of all development. The competition of any area, any department or any cause is the competition of talent in the final analysis. With the process of economic globalization in recent years, the innovation capacity of enterprises has become increasingly important. To examine the various factors of enterprise innovation, we can see that corporate culture is the carrier of sustainable innovation. However, if the enterprise wants real innovation, he needs the talent with creative thinking.

For enterprises, the organization department should put talent innovation in the first place in emancipating the mind. They should strengthen the capacity building of human resources, accelerate personnel training and create an echelon of reasonably good quality personnel provide personnel support for the realization of the continuous development and progress. Especially the large-scale mining machinery enterprises, who produce and sell mining machines like ball mills and mobile crushers, should pay attention to product innovation and regard innovation as the source and power of their development and progress.

The extent of the emancipation of the mind determines the depth of the reform, the intensity of opening up and the speed of development. There is no forever leading product, there is only continuous innovative talent. Mining machinery enterprises should tolerate bias and errors of employees in the work and encourage them to innovate, and eventually form an open mind and innovation ability. The innovation of the product like stone crusher plant and ball mill is the lifeblood of the mining machinery enterprises. They should improve the technological innovation system, take a variety of innovate incentive mode, encourage everyone to actively participate in innovation and continuously look for innovative opportunity, so as to introduce new products constantly. We have to adjust and optimize the talent structure and establish a personnel team meeting the needs of economic development, to provide qualified service for economic development.