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Raymond Mill Promotes the Full Use of Sandstone

5/23/2012 3:20:13 AM

 With the continuous development of the domestic economy, the output of the raymond mill. China actively introduces advanced crushing production line equipment. The international advanced sand making equipment and stone equipment has been entering China rapidly. Through many years' research, development and innovation, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has lanched advanced large raymond mill equipment specializing in a variety of special hard stones such as pebbles, river pebbles, granite, quartzite, limestone and other hard materials. The raymond mill produced by Hongxing Mining Machinery is widely used in sand plant, concentrator, stone quarry, coal plants, and other domestic projects.

The sandstone is formed by the quartz grains, whose structure is stable and usually in light brown or red, mainly including the silicon, calcium, clay and iron oxide. The sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock, mainly composed of sand cementation, in which the clay content is more than 50%. Most of the sandstone is composed with quartz or feldspar. The sandstone is formed by the  accumulation of weathering, erosion, transportation of the source rocks. The rock consists of the debris and interstitial material. The debris includes muscovite, heavy minerals except the quartz and feldspar. The common cements are cementation of the siliceous and carbonate. The composition and structure of the interstitial material reflects the environment of geological structure, the physical and chemical conditions of the sandstone formation.

The sandstone can be pided into quartz sandstone, arkose and lithic sandstone according to its depositional environment. The sand and sandstone constitute the main reservoirs of oil, gas and groundwater. The sand and sandstone can be used as abrasives, glass raw materials and the building materials. 

The raymond mill produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery promotes the full use of the sandstone, which uses the advanced structure among the similar products at home and abroad. The raymond mill is updated and improved on the base of raymond mill in the same industry. This kind of raymond mill with high efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint and small investment is superior to the ball mill. The winnowing air circulation flow of the equipment is operated during the process of the fan, grinding shell and cyclone. Therefore, the dust produced by raymond mill is less than the high-speed centrifugal mill. In addition, the operating workshop is clean without environmental pollution. The product is full-featured, which can crush the needle-like material. The crushing process without temperature rise is suitable for crushing heat-sensitive material.