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The New Developing Direction of Crusher Enterprise

5/22/2012 5:55:16 PM

In 2011, the fierce competition and ailing market take took the mining machinery industry into low ebb. However, with the buoyancy and recovery of economy and the strong support of national policy, the spring of mining machinery is coming.

Along with the development of domestic economy, especially the unremitting development of engineering construction industry, mining industry, and steel industry, the requirements for mining machinery equipment is continuously increasing, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, rotary kiln, sand washing equipment, and so on. As the necessary equipment in mining machinery industry, the importance of crushing equipment is obvious. Crushing work for any ore, any industry is inseparable from the usage of crushing equipment. Therefore, the crushing equipment is getting more and more important in mining machinery market.

With the increased investment for the development of urban infrastructure construction, the new rural construction, the regional revitalization, the high-speed railway, the highway, the urban rail transit construction, the construction of nuclear power, the construction of affordable housing and the water conservancy, the developing speed of mining machinery industry is higher and higher, and the market demand of mining machinery is bigger and bigger. The relevant data shows that China has already entered the big countries for international production, consumption and export. However, only big is not enough. How to become big and strong? That needs the mining machinery industry to break the shackles, keep constant innovation and development. Thus the mining machinery industry can meet the expansion demands of the market.

With the expansion of domestic demand, the development of international market, and the expansion of mining machinery manufacturing industry, more and more international famous enterprises pay attention to this industry. Many well-known mining machinery enterprises set up branch offices and new Research & Development center in China. With the sustained economic development of China, the future development of mining machinery industry will be better and better. Looking far ahead into the future economic development of China, especially the accelerating process of urbanization and industrialization, the mining machinery manufacturing industry will usher in new opportunities for development, which requires the majority of manufacturing enterprises to improve the manufacturing technology to develop new type mining equipment with high efficient and intelligence.