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How to reduce dust on the roll crusher

6/3/2012 7:02:31 PM

Dust is a problem continually affects the production efficiency of roll crusher in daily use or maintenance process, now we are analyzing this question with Hongxing expert together.

1)    In order to reduce dust caused by air leakage, we often water the entrance when the material is dry in the actual production which intensify the filter bag burnt and feeder blockage.

2)    Air goes into a closed dust hood with material when the material on belt conveyor are falling, the dusty gas will proliferate though cover wall cracks and orifices, which causes environment pollution. In addition, due to the belt-corner dust points are set incorrectly, the precipitator makes no effect on the lower belt conveyor, however it’s opening or stopping. Therefore, the dust collector never works when the crusher is running, and the dust in lower belt conveyor is always diffusing.

3)    When the dust enters into the dust collector pipe, the bend at the inlet increases system resistance and the bend parts are susceptible to be worn and blocked by dust.

4)    After being rained or watered, broken material will be of high moisture, the dust particles are thicker than that of dry materials, the bag filter are easy to be burnt and the feeder is easy to plug, which result in bag filter ventilation resistance substantially increased, ventilation capacity decreased and dust aggravated.

5)    Bag filter cleans dust intermittently, when the precipitator works normally, air leakage can not be ignored. Bag filter is of small filtering area and insufficient amount of the actual ventilation, so it is difficult to form a slightly negative pressure in dust hood and the crusher cavity, which result in severs environment dust. 

6)    Too much stoppage in crusher bag house and component parts not only affect the normal deducting, but also increase the maintenance workload of the equipment. From the statistics of equipment maintenance, poor quality part is an important reason causing equipment failure.

Hongxing machine are willing to solve the problem with users and effectively improve the efficiency of the crusher.