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Where is the way out for the crusher industry

6/5/2012 5:14:05 PM

In recent years, global economy enters a slowly adjustive period under the influence of global financial crisis. The development of the crusher industry( cone crusher ) is not satisfying either in our country. What’s worse, keen competition has always existed in large-scale crusher manufacturers that new-type crushing equipments hold a low share in the entire market. Therefore, it becomes fundamental to innovate to find a new way for the crushing manufacturers.

First of all, crusher factories should position themselves precisely in such a dilemma. Via setting specific technology R&D system, target customers of the products, market growth point and the planning of the developing direction in the future to avoid heading for the misleading rout and obtain new opportunity to develop and get stronger. Next, it requires enterprises to innovate unremittingly, implement innovation system reform, create excellent quality, establish a world brand, emphasize the introducing of excellent talents and the R&D of high and new technology so as to open the market sell for the crusher industry. 

Numerous uncertain elements in the market economy lead crusher industry to step into a gloomy period and naturally slow down its developing pace. Meanwhile, that has evoked the realization of the crushing manufacturers to innovate and reform to seek a way out. Many experts point out that the crushing equipments with high performance and innovativeness is bound to become the mainstream in the market. They should achieve the innovation in the aspect of technology and products, make differentiated and unique products and promote core competitiveness. Only in that way can they finally gain the most market share. 

As far as the growth and development time is concerned, crusher industry belongs to a young sunrise industry. Under such circumstances where the market demanding scale is hot and shrinking, which even embarrassing and severe, the crushing industry requires ceaseless innovation as well as promotion of the level of product technology to enliven the industry.

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