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Domestic and foreign manufacturers launch oversize jaw crusher

6/9/2012 2:05:37 AM

At present, the jaw crusher has two most widely used structures: simple pendulum and compound pendulum. In the past, large mines always used the simple pendulum jaw crusher. But now, most of mines used the compound pendulum jaw crusher as the fist coarse crushing equipment. Both of them were belong to down moving type, the upper moving type has been eliminated for unreasonable structure.

The difference between simple pendulum and compound pendulum jaw crusher is: the compound type has less a hanging mandrel, a connecting rod and the bracket is only one. So the compound type structure is simple. But the movement is more complex than the simple pendulum type. It both has horizontal movement and vertical movement. It is a a complex movement. So it is also called complex-swing type jaw crusher.

Compared with simple pendulum jaw crusher, the compound pendulum jaw crusher has only one spindle. The gravity and crushing force are both concentrated on this spindle. So in a long time, the compound pendulum jaw crusher was made medium and small type. The main bearings also use rolling type. However, with the emergence of high-strength materials and large roller bearings, the compound pendulum jaw crusher is heading for the direction of larger-scale. The United States, Japan, Sweden and other countries had produced large-scale compound pendulum jaw crusher with the feeding size 1000-1500mm. China also produced 900mm×1200mm large-scale compound pendulum jaw crusher. Recently, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., LTD has launched 600mm×2200mm compound pendulum jaw crusher.

The crusher manufacturers at home and abroad had launched 1500 mm×2100 mm、1600 mm×2200 mm large compound pendulum jaw crusher. This jaw crusher has high capacity, lower power consumption, large crushing ratio and uniform size distribution, and has gradually replaced the simple pendulum jaw crusher. Many foreign famous manufacturers such as Mesto Minerals, the former A-C, Kobe Japan, Krupp Germany, Ceda U.S. had not produced the PJ simple pendulum jaw crusher.