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Ore Tube Dryer

10/11/2012 7:15:12 PM

The ore tube drier is a kind of drying equipment which uses the high-temperature and high-speed flue gas to dry the fine coal in a suspended state. The ore tube dryer is especially adapted to processing the fine materials with low density. Since the contact surface of the coal and hot flue gas in the dryer is large, the drying speed is fast. The advantages of the ore tube dryer has the advantages of small footprint, less investment in equipment and large unit volume of vaporized water, short residence time of the fine coal in the dryer, simple structure, easy manufacture, easy maintenance and low consumption of steel. The ore tube dryer has the disadvantages of low thermal efficiency, large power consumption, large attrition of tube wall and high drying cost. In addition, the drying plant is required to be built higher. The increased gray of the fine coal is large after drying. The control is complex and large amount of coal dust will be produced. Since the high-temperature flue gas has rapid heating effect on the wet fine coal, the coarse-grained coal will be unevenly heated so that it will be crushed. The ore tube dryer has crushing effect to some extent.

Ore Tube Dryer

The ore tube dryer produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly used in high-moisture lignite. The moisture content of the lignite is high, which can not be directly milled into the pulverizer. Therefore, a pre-drying equipment is needed as the front-end equipment of the coal mill equipment for pre drying the lignite to satisfy the milling needs of the pulverizer.

The structure of the tube dryer includes three parts, namely the drying tube, bulk coal means and swabbing pig. The drying tube is an upstanding metal tube made of rolled steel. The drying tube can be pided into several segments which are coupled and welded by the flange plate. The diameter of the drying tube is usually 700mm to 1000mm and the length is 15m to 25m. The diameter and the length of the drying tube depend on the requirements of the production volume and the product moisture. The greater the amount of the drying tube, the greater the diameter. If the product moisture is great after drying, the drying tube should be long. The structure of drying tube can be pided into three parts. The first part is from the bottom of the drying tube to the entrance of the wet fine coal. The length is about 5m to 6m. The hot gas enters the dryer from this part. Therefore, there should be a fire-resistant layer in the tube. The exit of the bulk materials and the fine coal for flotation is at the bottom of the tube. The part from the entrance of the wet fine coal to the straight section of the upper bend is the drying part. In order to prevent heat loss and from burning the staff, the asbestos and the insulating layer of other thermal insulation materials are covered with the surface of the tube. The upper elbow is the third part, which can change the direction of air flow and send the dried coal and exhaust into the precipitator.