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10/17/2012 11:57:20 PM

Preheater can be widely used in new construction and renovation of large and medium-sized cement plants. Preheater is an important part of the rotary kiln cement plant calcining system, it is the main equipment to improve the quality of cement products and reduce the heat consumption. The main function of the preheater is that it can make full use of the enthalpy in the hot gas stream discharged from the rotary kiln or the precalciner to heat the raw material so that the material can achieve the preheating and decomposition of partial carbonate.


The preheater can use the high temperature in the flue gas to heat the air so that the temperature of the air rises and the temperature of the exhaust gas temperature decreases, which can reduce the flue gas loss of the boiler. In addition, after the air is heated, it is sent into the furnace so that the fuel in the furnace catches fire. The combustion is strong and complete, which can reduce the mechanical and chemical incomplete combustion loss of the fuel, and improve the boiler efficiency. The preheater produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery can improve the air temperature and improve the combustion conditions. The air enters the furnace through the preheater. Since the air into the furnace increases, the temperature of the furnace can be increased accordingly. In this way, the fuel can burn rapidly, which can improve or enhance combustion and ensure the load ignition stability.

The preheater produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has the following characteristics.

First, the preheater has compact structure and small footprint. The preheater can simplify the distribution arrangement of the heating surface of the end of boiler. In addition, it can save metal consumption. Therefore, it is widely used in large-capacity boilers.

Second, in the preheater, the flue gas and air do not contact with each other at the same time. The temperature of the flue gas is low when it contacts with the heating surface. The low-temperature corrosion has low risk. 

Third, the heating surface of the preheater produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery is allowed to have larger amount of wear. Even if inpidual heating element is worn, it will not result in air leakage and affect the normal operation. 

Forth, the production process requirement is high.