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pulp thickner

10/23/2012 6:56:41 PM

Pulp thickner has unique structural design, which gives full play to the advantages of high sedimentation efficiency of the cellular inclined tube. This kind of pulp thickner with small size, high efficiency can achieve the classification and concentration on the same set of equipment, and it can also be separately used as the thickner equipment. The pulp thickner can be flexibly configured in the dressing plant according to the different actual situations of the mines. There is no need to send the pulp to the plant by the sand pump for processing after the gravitational flow of the pulp has been concentrated. In this way, we can eliminate the trouble for backwater by the pump, which greatly saves the energy consumption. The pulp thickner is the ideal mining grading equipment. In some mines, the pulp thickner can also achieve the transport of the high concentrated tailings and the direct use of the back water, which can further reduce the energy consumption and slurry transportation and backwater cost savings and create good conditions.

The pulp thickner produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics. 

First, this pulp thickner has efficient cone angle. 

Second, the liquid pool is deepened. 

Third, the straight drum is lengthened. 

Forth, liquid diversion hole is increased on the spiral. 

Liquid pool is deepened and the straight drum is lengthened, which can increase the settling time of the materials. The liquid diversion hole increased on the spiral can accelerate the exclusion of the liquid phase and reduce the residence time of the liquid phase in the drum so that the space of the drum can be effectively used, which can make the processing capacity of the slurry concentrator increase greatly.

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