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The Design Details Needing Attention

11/23/2012 6:13:31 PM

In order to improve the screening efficiency make the screen surface covered with the material, the separatory plate can be set at the entrance. The vibrating screen is generally arranged in the senior plant of the crushing workshop and its span is generally not less than 8m. When processing the complex materials, the span of the vibrating screen can be made 9m. The centerline of the screening equipment and the centerline of the bucket elevator should be in line from the horizontal direction. The spacing between them should ensure the minimum size that the elephant trunk needs when installing the bucket elevator and the vibrating screen and the tilt angle of the elephant trunk should be not less than 45 degrees.

There are three kinds of transportation forms for the coarse particles: 

1) To be sent to the crusher directly through the elephant trunk for another crushing; 

2) To be sent to the transition bunker through the conveying equipment; 

3) To be transported to the feeding bunker by the dedicated belt conveyor or screw conveyor. 

As for the screening equipment, when selecting the vibrating screen, there are some problems needing attention: its centerline from the floor height is generally equal to or slightly less than the width of the screening machine. The screening machine should be set dust cover and its structure should be easy to replace the screen sieve. The access door should be located on the front of the sieve and the both sides. Vibrating screen should be equipped with large sealed dust cover; its elevation should be in line with the elevation of the maintenance platform of bucket elevator. When overhauling the vibrating screen, the lifting parts should be above the dust cover.

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