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Anything is possible——Sand maker applies the solar-energy storage jar

12/1/2011 2:14:08 AM

Recent years, the producting technology of sand making machine has not been the industrial secret, but it is the first time to apply solar energy in sand maker. As we all know, the sand machine is always exposured in the sunshine for the whole day, so it's not impossible to use the solar energy to charge  its generator. 

Solar Energy, usually refers to the sun radiation Energy, in the modern society, generally used for power generation. Since the earth created creatures, those creatures depended on the heat and light of the sun, band also human beings knew to dry the objects in the sunlight, by which they kept food, such as salt-making and drying of salted fish, etc. But with the reduction of fossil fuel resources, then people are disposed to develop  solar energy further. The methods of solar energy using include passive use (solar-thermal conversion) and photoelectric conversion . Solar power is a new kind of renewable energy. In the broadest sense, the solar energy is the resource of much earth energy, such as wind power, chemical energy, water potential energy and so on.

Solar energy comes from the earth's outer universal bodies (mainly solar),   most of the energy human need is directly or indirectly, from the sun. Rightly all kinds of plants, through photosynthesis, convert solar energy into chemical energy, storing the energy in plants body. Coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuel ware formed from the buried plants and animals under the ground after a long geological generation. These are, in essence,  the fixed solar energy of those ancient creatures . In addition, hydropower, wind energy, are also transferred from the solar energy. The solar power system, the earth itself, reserves of energy which usually refers to the energy related with the interior earth heat energy and that relevant nuclear core source energy.

And what is related with the nuclear reactions is nuclear power. When the structure of the nucleus changes, it will release a large amount of energy, called atom nuclear power, hereinafter referred to nuclear energy, commonly known as the atoms power. It originated from the nuclear fission resource from the uranium and plutonium in the procedure of  nuclear fission reaction , including the fission can resources of the tritium lithium deuterium stored in the sea. These substances release energy during nuclear reactions . At present the biggest use of nuclear energy is generating electricity. In addition, it can be used for other types of power supply, the heat source, etc.

Through the introduction, we know that the sand maker applies solar power to generating electricity, so as to achieve self-sufficiency, which is completely feasible. If you are interested in our product, call our customer service number for detailed questions.