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Large amount of biological carbon produced from Limestone rotary kiln, feasible for suppressing global warming

12/1/2011 8:32:45 PM

Limestone rotary kiln is a kind of industrial rotary kiln working in high temperature anaerobic conditions, mainly for the production of shelter material Limestone. Global warming is threatening human living environment, biological carbon can effectively suppress global warming, today, we will discuss the feasibility analysis of batch production of biological carbon in Limestone rotary kiln.
In the oxygen deficit condition, biomass are processed in high temperature, in which the oil and gas burn, and the remains are biological carbon. Biological carbon is nearly pure carbon, will not disappear buried underground for hundreds or even thousands of years, that meas, the carbon is sequestrated into the soil, helping to slow down global warming. Biological carbon catches attention of the worldwide. Many scientists assume, carbon element captured by biological carbon is quite stable, which can "lock" the carbon in the underground for hundreds of years, and making the soil more fertile; in addition, it still can reduce the emission of the nitrogen dioxide and methane and  other greenhouse gases.
From the introduction of Biological carbon, Limestone rotary kiln is capable of batch production of biological carbon.
Biological carbon is not the general charcoal, is a kind of charcoal whose carbon content is extremely rich. In the low oxygen environment, through high temperature cracking, wood, grass, cornstalk or other crop waste are carbonated. This kind of charcoal, formed from plants, with the purpose of fixing carbon element is defined "biological carbon" by scientists. It is based on the theory of: biomass, whether a plant or animal, burning on no-oxygen environment , will both generate charcoal.
So, since Limestone rotary kiln could do that, how about other rotary kilns, such as ceramsite rotary kiln, active Limestone rotary kiln, are also able to be used in mass production of biological carbon?
After the experts of Hongxing machinery factory analyse, the technic demand of biological carbon production process is very strict, even Limestone rotary kiln is supposed to choose the high production technology. Biological carbon engineering is a project benefit for our descendants , we are definitely not careless. Though ceramsite rotary kiln, active Limestone rotary kiln   can process in high temperature, they demand oxygen, which does not accord with the production conditions of biological carbon.
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