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Cooling Machine Is the Essential Heat Exchange Means

12/24/2012 6:16:24 PM

The cooling machine is a kind of essential heat exchange means. The cooling machine regards the air as the media to cool the clinker in the high temperature and recover the exhaust gas as the secondary, tertiary air and the drying air for the kiln in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the kiln.
From the thermal and process point, there are four aspects can be used to evaluate the cooling machine. First, the cooling machine should recovery much heat. Second, the time for cooling the clinker should be short and the speed should be high, especially when the temperature is between 1250℃ and 525℃. Third, the temperature of the clinker cooled should be low. Forth, the air consumption for unit clinker should be little. Fifth, the cooling machine should have the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance and high operation rate.
With the development of the cement industry, there are a lot of types of the cooling machine. At present, the cooling machine can be divided into the following main types.
The first is the single-tube cooling machine. All the cooling air enters the kiln. The thermal efficiency is relatively high and the structure is simple. The exhaust gas processing apparatus is not necessary. However, the cooling speed for the clinker is low and the temperature for the clinker discharging from the machine is high. In addition, the secondary air into the machine is not even.
The second is the multi-drum cooling machine. This kind of cooling machine is composed of several cylinders on the shell of the kiln. In this way, the specialized power equipment and the dust collection equipment are not necessary. However, the load of the cylinder of the kiln may increase. At the same time, the cooling effect of the clinker is not very good.
The third is the floor standing cooling machine. For this kind of cooling machine, all the cooling air enters the kiln and the thermal efficiency is high.
In the actual production, each device is not isolated. The operation between the cooling machine and the kiln is restricted and influenced. Therefore, in the actual operation process, the users must carefully analyze the operation parameters of the cooling machine according to the specific circumstances.