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Analysis about the composition of conveyor belt system

12/24/2012 10:10:39 PM

The conveyor belt system is generally composed by the conveyor belt, idler, rollers and drive unit, brake tensioning device, loading, unloading, cleaning and other devices.


The commonly used are rubber belt and plastic tape. The rubber belt is suitable to apply in the working environment of temperature -15 ~ 40 ℃. Material temperature should not exceed 50 ° C, if more than 50 ℃, please inform the manufacturers when place an order for goods so that we can choose a heat resistant conveyor belt. Upward transportation granules inclination is of 12 ° ~ 24 °. For large inclination conveying, skirts band is available. Plastic belt is with anti-oil, anti-acids, anti-alkalis advantages, etc., but it has poor climatic adaptability, easy to slip and aging. Bandwidth is the main technical parameters of the belt conveyor. 


There are trough roller, flat-shaped roller, self-aligning roller and buffer roller. Trough roller, composed by 3 rollers, supports bearing branch, is used for the transfer of granular materials; aligning roller is for adjusting the horizontal position to avoid deviation; buffer roller is mounted at the discharging position to reduce the material impact on the band.


It is divided into drive roller and bend pulley. The driving drum is the main components of the power transmission, including single drum (tape roller wrap angle is of 210 ° ~ 230 °), double drum (wrap angle of 350 °) and multi-roller (for power). 

Tensioning device 

Its role is to make the conveyor belt achieve the necessary tension, in order to avoid slippage in the drive rollers, and ensure the conveyor belt at the deflection roller within a predetermined range; it contains a spiral tensioning device, hammer tensioning device and car type tensioning device.