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Properties and uses of the aggregate crushing machine

12/26/2012 2:39:01 AM

The aggregate crusher has been widely used for crushing job of various ores in industrial sectors such as cement, building materials, coal and chemical as well as beneficiation industry; it is also can be used as coarse crushing equipment. The reasons for the rapid development of aggregate crushing machine lie in the following important features:

(1) Great breaking ratio. Usually, the crushing ratio of ordinary crusher does not exceed 10, while aggregate crusher crushing ratio is generally 30-40, and even can be up to 150, thus greatly simplifying the production process and saving investment costs.

(2) High crushing efficiency and low power consumption. Having been affected by the high speed function and repeated impact of blow board, the ore along powder jointed interface and the part of organizational vulnerability is first broken. So the kind of crusher has high efficiency and low power consumption.

(3) Uniform particle size and less over-crushing phenomenon. The kinetic energy of ore is proportional to its nature; so in the ore crushing process, larger block gets a greater degree breaking and smaller ore will be not broken under certain conditions. Therefore, the particle size is uniform and it produces over-crushing phenomenon barely.

(4) Selective breaking. In crushing process, useful minerals and gangue first ruptures along the jointed surface, facilitating useful minerals achieve monomer separation.

(5) Strong adaptability. This crusher enables to crush brittle, fibrous, medium and below hard ores, particularly suitable for limestone and other brittle ore crushing. Cement and chemical industries adopting aggregate crusher is appropriate.

(6) The equipment has small size, light weight, simple structure, easy manufacturing and easy maintenance.

Because of these obvious advantages, aggregate crusher is widely adopted and vigorously developed in many countries.