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The Existing Problems of the Quarry

12/28/2012 5:34:56 PM

The mining of the deposit includes two categories: underground operation or open-air operation. The operation that there is no natural lighting and works in the underground is called the underground operation and the quarry is also called underground quarry. The quarry in the natural light is known as the outdoor quarry.

The sources of the ecological damage of the quarry can be divided into two categories: human destruction and natural destruction. Both the human destruction and natural destruction will eventually lead to the destruction of vegetation, the bareness of the land, soil erosion and deterioration of the ecological environment and the natural landscape will suffer the destruction and a series of serious ecological and environmental problems.

In the entire mining process of the quarry, when it rains, it will make the soil that has lost the vegetation protection and soil conservation be further eroded by rain, causing soil erosion. If it  encounters the heavy rain and poor weather conditions, it is most likely to cause the mudslide, leading to the serious soil erosion and deterioration of the ecological environment. 

Currently, as for the mining of the quarry, there are still some problems:

1. It lacks of scientific proof and planning of the quarry site and deposit;

2. The operator is not qualified; the lack of professional and technical personnel;

3. Serious shortage of investment; illegal operations;

4. The scale of investment in the quarry is not limitted.

In the quarry, there are a series of equipments that will be used in the operation of the quarry, such as the crushing equipment, milling equipment, screening equipment and ore beneficiation equipment.